Monday, September 3, 2012

No Empty Chairs Here

by Gary Pearce
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There's one problem with the Clint Eastwood line that Carter likes: This week, the chair will talk back.

Even better, President Bill Clinton probably will talk back. And say something like:

"You're right, Clint, When somebody doesn't do the job, you gotta let 'em go. That's why the American people let the Republicans go from the White House in 2008 - and shouldn't bring them back.
 "Remember what America was like the last time a Democratic President served eight years? We were at peace. The economy was booming. We had a budget surplus. We were paying down the debt AND saving Social Security.
"Then the Republicans took over. They started two wars. They cut taxes for the rich. They blew a hole in the budget and exploded the deficit. They deregulated Wall Street and big banks. The financial system nearly collapsed, and they drove us into a deep recession that we're still digging out of."

Then he'll make a case for Obama's four years, as The New Yorker reported he did at an Obama fundraiser:

"(I)t takes ten years to recover from a financial crisis rooted in a housing collapse, and, by that historical standard, Obama was 'beating the clock, not behind it.' That Obama's stimulus plan had shaved two points off the unemployment rate. That Obama's restructuring of the auto industry had saved one and half million jobs. That Obama's health-care law will bring consumers and employers $1.3 billion in refunds from insurance companies."

He'll conclude:

"Romney-Ryan would go back to what didn't work before. Obama will put us on the right track. And Republicans in Congress should stop trying to make him and the country fail."


Wiley Coyote said...

You're empty chair here...

Just the same empty suit that was elected 4 years ago.

Jim said...

Yeah, but Gary, do you think Bill will remind his audience that, having been carried into office on Ross Perot's back, he squandered his first two years on the failed effort to construct Hillarycare and then was dragged to success by a Republican Congress elected in 1994? I rather doubt it -- I suspect, instead, he'll claim "I built that". Or, perhaps, "it all depends on what the meaning of 'built' is"!

Anonymous said...

Are WE better off with this President?
According to Ed Schulz at MSNBC, we are. He trotted out some interesting economic stats:
1) Almost every quarter there has been GDP growth, BUT he failed to mention that the growth has been so poor that every economist has labeled this recovery “the worst recovery EVER”
2) Almost every month there has been job growth, BUT he failed to mention that the job growth hasn’t kept pace with population growth.
3) The DJIA has almost doubled from the lows in 2009, BUT he fails to mention how OUR portfolio has done. If we look at the largest holdings purchased by the Obama presidency for US—the USA taxpayer, it doesn’t look so good. Here are some of our largest holdings:

GM stock: Good news, it isn’t worthless, but bad news, we are now looking at loss of over $25 BILLION.
Now let’s look at some other more telling economic facts from the beginning of the Obama Presidency until today:
1) Unemployment: Then 7.8% Now 8.2%
2) Labor Force Participation Rate: Then 65.7% Now 63.7%
3) Black Unemployment: Then 12.6% Now 15.0%
4) Black Women 20 or older: Then 9.2% Now 12.7%
5) Black Youth (16-19): Then 36.5% Now 38.1%
6) Hispanic Unemployment: Then 9.7% Now 10.3%
7) Youth Unemployment (All Races): Then 20.8% Now 23.8%
8) Woman Unemployment (All Races 20 or older): Then 6.2% Now 7.5%
9) Median Income: Then $54k Now $50k
10) Home Ownership: Then 67.4% Now 65.5%
11) Americans on food stamps: Then 33 million Now 45 million
12) Gasoline: Then $1.80 Now $3.80
Add to this list that 50% of college graduates can’t find work, student loan balances have skyrocketed and a record number of Americans age 25 to 34 are living with their parents.
The Youth are not better off, Women are not better off, the Poor are not better off, Blacks are not better off, Hispanics are not better off and the Country as a whole is not better off. So who is under this President?!?!?!?!?!

NCdirtdigger said...

Bill probably won't mention that it was he who signed the bill deregulating banks, (Grahmm Leach Bliley) at the behest of his Sec. of Treasury, L. Summers. The same L. Summers that was a top advisor to, wait for it………..B. Hussein Obama.

Facts always get in the way of a good Bill Clinton monologue.

john barker said...

No empty chairs here? Carter did not look at my front door!