Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Swing Voter

by Carter Wrenn
(visit TalkingAboutPolitics, published by Gary Pearce and Carter Wrenn

In case you missed it there’re two new polls this week but nothing’s changed. Republicans are still voting rocklike for Romney, Democrats are still rocklike for Obama, and if you want a portrait of a swing voter she’s a mother with young children living in the suburbs in a nice (but not too nice) home.

She’s not from the South, probably moved here because of a job, but, now, the earth has shifted beneath her feet – so she’s got very definite ideas about her goals this election: She wants the recession over.

She figures Obama’s proved he can’t get the job done but she’s not certain Mitt Romney can either so it looks like when she walks into the voting booth on Election Day she may have to gamble and as a female with children that’s the last thing she wants to do.

Her credit cards were valued possessions not long ago but now she abhors debt, not only her own but government debt. However, at the same time, she’s against cuts in Medicare and Social Security and supports cheaper student loans and government mortgage subsidies to families about to lose their homes.

She’s pro-choice to her fingertips yet at the same time she’s worried about the decline in religious values. Unlike almost everyone around her – who’s either a Republican or Democrat voting their party line this fall – she’s an Independent with no loyalty at all to either party.

Wooing and winning her is the fixation of both conventions. She’s why Ann Romney gave the first speech in Tampa and why Michelle Obama’s leading off the Democratic Convention and it’s a safe bet before the Democrats pack up their tent and leave Charlotte she’s going to get courted a lot more. But she’s nobody’s fool: She hasn’t been swayed by gossip about tax returns and doesn’t give a toot about Barack Obama’s birth certificate – she just wants the hard times behind her and she means to pick the suitor who’ll get the job done.


Anonymous said...

Sounds about right - and as a representation of that exact demographic, I expect more from my President than empty promises.

Obama had his chance, and while I don't think government belongs in the bedroom - social issues are the least of my concerns right now and neither party has my attention when the focus swings away from the economy. Tell me you will lower my taxes, add jobs and generally work to lower the debt while improving the economy and you've got my attention (and my vote).

Anonymous said...

I'm a woman living in the suburbs. Except for the age and children at home, I fit that profile. I am an unaffilliated voter who voted for Obama last time because I abhorred the Bush wars and his tax cuts for the top 1/10 of one percent--not the rest. But I will not be voting for Obama this time because in the past 18 months i have learned the meaning of the old adage that "all politics are local." I detest Anthony Foxx's obsession with his own career advancement and his desire to consolidate city and county government to the detriment of my small town so that we can help pay for his toys in Charlotte. I also believe he, Walton and the county manager conspired to revalue suburban property for far more than its market value in order to reward those city and county "public service employees" beyond their worth in the private sector and, as a result, I will never again vote for a party that has the support of public employees' union.

Anonymous said...

obama is the first prez since fdr, or before fdr, to have as bad an economy as this, THREE YEARS after a recession has ended!

And for those who insist this one was really bad, historically, the worse the recession, the stronger the recovery.

Romney/Ryan will set a new record for job creation. Write it down.